What's New for 2023?

2022 was a hectic year for us at FranCee Farms. Between making product and serving our customers at the market there was little time left for anything else! But this year, this seem to be getting more organized and we have already introduced some new products. The new products are as follows:

  • Candles
    • Fresh Coffee
    • Papa's Pipe
    • Lavender
    • Mountain Pine
    • Fireside
    • Honeysuckle Jasmine
  • Lotions
    • Rose Petal Goat Milk Lotion
    • Gardenia Lotion
    • Citrus Lotion (New & Improved)
  • Bug Stick
    • You know the Bug Off bars works but many customers did not care for the way it was applied because they had to get it on their hands, leaving a waxy, lotion feel that made their grip slippery. This year we have repackaged it in deodorant sticks for a no touch application! Same price, better quality. that is what we are all about!

We will also be introducing a pet shampoo made with natural ingredients and scented with essential oils that will ward of pesky insects like fleas and ticks while improving the health of your pets skin! This will be available very soon.


I ma confident that there will be some other additions, but if there is anything you are particularly anxious for, please let us know! We are working hard to offer quality products at great prices.

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