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  • Awesome Candles!


    I just love the smell! I love to have it lit while I take a bath after a little ng day at work. The scent is so relaxing.

    Quiet Time Candle 
  • Soap is great for skin!

    I Love these products!! I have noticed soo much improvement i my skin since i been using them!!! 🙏❤️

    Black Raspberry Vanilla 
  • Best Lotion

    I ordered this for my sister along with the soap for her birthday. She loves the scent . I've used it and think its the best of any I have tried.

    Cranberry Apple Lotion 
  • Chèvre (Soft Goat Cheese)

    If you are looking for goat cheese, but do not care for the pungency that goes along with it, then we are the right dairy for you! The pungency is gone and you don't taste the goat! Available in many flavors, and in white cheddar as well!

  • Goat Milk!

    Goat milk is naturally high in viatamins. Ours is all natural, no need to fortify it with additional vitamins, or additives, just great milk with a great taste! Available by the whole gallon or half gallon, if you drink milk..drink goat milk! FranCee Farms is a Grade A Goat Dairy in NC.

  • Lots to Choose From

    We have many products and varieties to choose from. Goat Milk Soaps, Lotions, Body Washes, Goat Cheeses, Goat MIlk, Goat Milk Ice Cream, and 100% Soy Candles. All of which you will love. Search our site and if you need help finding anything, just click the chat with us button and we will be sure to help you right away!

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What's Happening At FranCee Farms?

FranCee Farms

Quality Products for Quality People

  • Customer Satisfaction

    At FranCee Farms, we pride ourselves in quality products with great customer service. Our logog means excellence and it means customer satisifaction, in all areas. Our products are made with care, they are packed and shipped with care. We have made a committment to our cusotmers, and our brand is our bond.

    About Us 
  • Goat Milk

    Goat Milk is naturally high in its vitamin content, lower in lactate than cow's milk and lower in cholestrol. We offer our does a quality diet in order to get quality milk for our products. Our products include bottled milk, and ice cream to skin care products such as soaps, lotions and body washes.

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  • Grade A Goat Dairy

    Being a Grade A Goat Dairy licensed in the state of NC means that our products, all products, are made in a a manner that makes them safe for consumer consumption and use. Inspections are done regularly by the state to assure that safety guidelines are followed and finshed products are consumer safe. It is a cetificate of excellence, committment, and safety. FranCee Farms is both proud and humbled to be able to provide this service while ensuring quality through their processes.

    Not All Goat Milk is the Same 
  • Natural Ingredients

    Our Products are made with natural ingredients, many of which are grown on the farm. From Lavender for our goat milk soap, jalapeño's for our cheese, or herbs for the other recipes we make, we know the quality of the ingredients.

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  • And then there are Candles & Melts

    When we first began making candles, there seemed to be a fad going around with goat milk, particularly adding it to candles. We We soon found out that the milk offered absolutely no benefit to candle or consumer. Our wax products are 100% Soy.

    Wax Melts