About Us

Our story began in December of 2016, when my husband who is a pastor accepted the call to serve West Edgecombe Baptist Church. He left for Rocky Mount ahead of us so that the kids could finish their school year, and almost immediately began looking for our next home. Not being able to find anything, he started exploring land and our ability to build a home, but land was extremely expensive in the area, so we were really not getting anywhere.

Then he received a phone call from a lady that owned some land roughly 4 miles from the church (38 acres). Knowing that we could not afford that land, he politely declined, to which she responded, "but you don't know what I am willing to sell it for." She went on to say that she would be willing to sell it for at a price that could have only been influenced by God! My husband came to learn she had family in the church, and that she had strong ties in the community, so he insisted on meeting with her and her sons so that no one would be offended by the sale, after all, she was in her late 80's or early 90's at the time.

After we met with one of her sons (the other could not attend that day) and her, they all agreed to sell the property for that price cause, "that's what momma wants to do" they said. We were honored. 

During the few months it took to close, she went on to be with the Lord. However, her family honored the sale and that is how we got started. Her name: Francis Carlton. Her home, heaven. She had spent her life selflessly serving her family and Lord, and has made a dramatic impact on our family and our life. That is where the name FranCee Farms comes from. It is named after her. 

After almost 7 years of perfecting our Goat Milk recipe's, we are now selling and could not be happier with the response from our customers! We are looking at expanding our farm already, and are very excited with how well we have been received by consumers.