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Bug-Off Insect Repellent Bar has proven itself!  Its a must have for anytime of the year when bugs are out.  One bar (2.0 - 2.5 oz) last for months for your entire family. Handmade and tried here on the farm. Deet Free, repels ticks, knots, fleas, biting flies, etc. while moisturizing your skin. All natural ingredients and no stinky smell. Travel and sports events friendly. Simply rub into palms of hands and apply to exposed areas. The natural warmth of your hands activates the lotions sleek and smooth application.

This is NOT a soap, it is a beeswax lotion bar. DO NOT APPLY WITH WATER, just rub it on. It is not sticky, and does not have a aroma of normal repellants. It last for hours and does not easily dissipate as a result of perspiration. 

Customer Reviews

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Kathy Betzoldt
Thrilled with a better option.

Big allergy to mosquitos. Haven’t used it yet…but it is at the ready ! Question??? Can I use it on my poodle? Love all your products, you are stellar.

Beverly Mikell
Bug-Off Bar - Best Product Ever!

I love the Handmade Bug-Off Insect Repellent Bar. During the summer season, I severely get bitten up by the mosquitos out here in the California desert. I've tried other natural products claiming their effectiveness but the mosquito kept biting me! Since using the Bug-Off Insect Repellent Bar, I have not been bitten by any mosquitos. I now can feel confident going out to the backyard, front yard or just outside. I also like the fact that it is a natural product, DEET Free and unscented. Thank you so much for your great product!

Amanda Brown

If you have any issues with bugs, this stuff is the schizznit! I've tried everything against no-seeums, which have somehow invaded my house. I couldn't even clean it up to get rid of them, because it's a nightmare just to get near the floor for more than a second. No essential oils, no deet, no deep woods off, not even skin so soft could keep them off me - the back of my legs would sting, then itch, and drive me crazy. There are situations where medicines or health issues cause this: well, just because you can't see them, doesn't mean they're not there. I haven't any physical proof of these bugs, but I guarantee you they are real, they bite, and they suck your blood to feed their babies. If you put this francee soap on, however, you can relax, because they're not going to even want to touch you. I am so very impressed with this soap that words pale in comparison to the relief I've gotten from this truly AWESOME soap! I don't know where I got it, but I'm here at the website to get more! DID I forget to tell you about your skin? OMG, my chicken skin is almost gone after using it twice, my age spots are fading!!!and my skin feels fantastic! I can't even believe it! If you don't buy this soap, you're going to miss out on a really good thing.

Highly recommend this bar

I’m a bug magnet and this bar does seem to work against flies and mosquitoes for me. They still hang around but, I don’t get bitten so much. Nice subtle smell. Easy to use too.

Angel Smith
Love it!

This bug off bar works great.